Maritime and Logistics Consultancy

       Our skills cover many fields including economic, technical, commercial and tyrian_08operational studies. TSL can gather complementary expertise in environmental impact, legal and financial aspects, or any other transport related competences required by clients. Also we can provide highly skilled consultants, expert in their respective area of competency acquired in the course of relation with different professional industry players.

 TSL's consultants and associates are able to undertake a wide range of projects throughout the international markets covering all ship types. These include:

  • Studies of shipping markets for potential new entrants to specific sectors, including analyses and forecasts of the market, potential returns on investment, regulations governing the sector, and analyses of the players in the market and the resources required for a successful commercial operation.
  • Preparation of transportation strategies and projections of freight costs for commodity import and export projects.
  • Analysis and advice on potential shipping acquisitions.
  • Evaluations of potential modes of shipment ranging from containerised, bulk and general cargo modes, availability of shipping services, port facilities and throughput, rail links and associated costs to determine the most competitive transportation options for new export projects.
  • Traffic and revenue forecasts for major infrastructure projects.
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 Also in support of our consulting services, we are working on developing and maintaining a number of proprietary databases and models for statistical analyses and forecasting in the various shipping markets. These cover economic developments, commodities trades, traffic flows, industrial plants, vessel demand, supply, operating costs and charter rates and prices. This enables the TSL team to access statistical information quickly and with ease.

 We can assist our clients in their operation decisions by providing information and expert advice on matters of:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Feasibility studies tyrian_pic10
  • Market research and forecasting
  • Commercial, strategic and contractual advice and administration
  • Financial appraisals
  • Transportation coverage strategies
  • Maritime Project development and implementation
  • Management training
  • Flag Selection advice
  • Ship Surveys and Shipyard Supervision
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